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Direct Drive Low Speed High Torque Permanent Magnet motor

Energy-Saving Motor Solution

We provide you with one stop tailor-made drive solutions, to achieve energy saving and cost saving.

Small and lightweight

Special electromagnetic and structural design, the volume-to-weight ratio is reduced by 20%, the length of the whole machine is reduced by 10%, and the full rate of stator slots is increased to 90%.

Highly integrated

The motor and the inverter are highly integrated, avoiding the external circuit connection between the motor and the inverter, and improving the reliability of the system products.

Energy efficient

High-performance rare-earth permanent magnet material, special stator slot and rotor structure make this motor efficient up to IE4 standard.

Custom Design

Customized design and manufacture, dedicated for special machines, reduce redundant functions and design margins, and minimize costs.

Low vibration and noise

The motor is directly driven, the equipment noise and vibration are small, and the impact on the construction work environment is reduced.

Maintenance free

No high-speed gear parts, no need to change gear lubricant regularly, truly maintenance-free equipment.

Complete Motor Drive & Control Solutions

ENNENG permanent magnet motors are mainly used in China’s large tire factories, oil fields, large water companies, coal mines, and gold mines this kind of large industrial and factories.

ENNENG provides complete customized drive solutions. Not only familiar with the mechanical equipment and application, but also the motor and its driving system. 

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One-stop drive solutions

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Need to find a drive solution of energy Saving to lower electricity bill?

Intelligent Equipment Intelligent Equipment

Through the use of ABB robots, the efficiency and operating standards have been rapidly improved, the product qualification rate has reached 99.9%.


Machining Workshop Machining Workshop

Enneng owns professional assembly, painting, and testing equipment, the motors can be customized according to the customers’ requirements.

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Case Study



Test Conditions:

  1. Two same water pumps are tested, 2-1D3 is a permanent magnet motor, and 2-1D1 is a high-efficiency asynchronous motor
  2. The valve opening of the rolling steel line supplied by the water is the same at 40%.
  3. The permanent magnet motor is then tested at 60% and 50%.
  4. Therefore, the overcurrent of the original motor of the renovation project is easy to burn the motor


Test equipment: Chint digital multi-function energy meter

Equipment location: Coarse and medium rolling water supply pump

Comparison of power consumption between asynchronous motor and permanent magnet motor

Original motor valve opening 40% 132kw 270A Rated 240A over rated current
Permanent magnet motor 160kw 290A rated current
Valve opening 40% 160kw 260A incoming current power saving rate 11%
Satisfy online water use valve opening 60% 160kw 230A incoming current power saving rate 21%
Satisfy online water use valve opening 50% 160kw 250A incoming current power saving rate 14%
Total electricity consumption 24h meter electricity consumption 3000° original motor 24 hours
24h meter electricity consumption 2400° permanent magnet motor 24 hours

Test conclusion:
Through the detection, recording and calculation of the inspection personnel, the actual power saving of a single permanent magnet motor per day (24 hours) is 600 kWh, and the power saving rate is 20%.

What People Say About Us?



1. What is the heat resistance level of the permanent magnet? What will cause the permanent magnet motor to demagnetize?

The permanent magnets commonly used by our company are neodymium boron iron materials, and the maximum working temperature is different according to the different grades used. For N38EH, the maximum working temperature of its material can reach 200 °C, but we design it as a limit of 180 °C.

Our products are designed with sufficient margins so that the phenomenon of demagnetization due to excessive temperature during use will not occur. As long as there is no large current impact, the permanent magnet of the motor will not be demagnetized, and the use of VFD can avoid the occurrence of large currents.

2. How noisy is the motor running?

Motor noise varies widely according to motor specifications. Permanent magnet motors running below 200 rpm usually have a noise below 80 dab. The noise of permanent magnet motors running at speeds above 750 rpm is generally around 85 dab.

3. What brand is the bearing of the motor and how long is the lubrication cycle?

Our motor bearings are SKF, FAG, NSK, etc., and can also be selected Chinese top brand bearing.

The lubrication cycle of the low-speed direct drive motor varies according to the speed, and is usually maintained once a year.

4. What are the contents of operation and maintenance?

The motor has essentially no operating costs, requiring only routine maintenance. For example, when the environment is poor, there is a motor with an external fan, and the attachments of the external fan need to be cleaned regularly, so as to avoid extra power loss.

5. What parameter data are necessary to customize the motor ?

If a custom motor wants to achieve a better price/performance ratio, it is best to provide complete operating data. In this way, from the initial electromagnetic scheme, structural design and temperature rise calculation, there can be relatively accurate assessment standards to achieve the optimal design of the product.


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