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PM Motor For Belt conveyor

Customer: Sichuan Guangwang Energy

Year: 2018

Capacity: 45KW, 60rpm 

Conclusion: Based on the data collected under the same output operation, the comprehensive average of the A-phase of the ammeter is taken as the comparison data standard. Based on this, the conclusion is as follows: the energy saving rate is about 25%.


PM Motor For Rubber Extruder

Customer: Linglong Tire

Year: 2017

Capacity: 500KW, 1000RPM

Conclusion:  Based on the energy-saving data from January to June, after the 500KW DC motor transformation, the tons of rubber consumption has dropped by 18.32%, and the average daily power consumption has dropped by 21.23%.


PM Motor For Aerator

Customer: Chongqing Qianjiang Drainage

Year: 2020

Capacity: 75kw,30rpm

Conclusion:  the average value of the six-hour running current of the modified aerator is 88.6087, and the current of the aerator not modified is 121.0696.  According to the existing data, the energy-saving rate is about 27%.


132kw PM motor for water pump


185kw PMM For Rubber Extruder

播放有关的视频 185KW PM Motor For Rubber Extruder

185kw PM Motor For Rubber Extruder


500kw PMM for screw extruder


160kw PMM For Air Compressor


1150kw PM Motor For Ball Mill


132kw PM motor for water pump


1250kw PMM For Internal mixer


245kw PM Motor For Open Mill

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