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10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!

10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!插图

To distinguish whether a thing is “authentic”, the first problem is that you have to “know the real product”. Only by “recognizing the real product” from the inside to the outside in all directions, can it be possible to expose a “fake product” in front of you, point out where it is “fake”, explain why it is fake, and avoid unnecessary trouble and losses.

10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!插图1

1. Look at the SKF bearing logo. Some regular parts are marked with certain marks, such as the top mark of the gear mark and other assembly marks, to ensure the correct installation of the parts, and those without them cannot be purchased.

2. Look at the color of SKF bearings. Some original parts have a certain color specified on the surface, and if other colors are encountered, they are fake and inferior parts.

3. Look at the appearance of SKF bearings. The appearance of the original parts is clear and regular in printing or casting and marking, while the appearance of counterfeit products is rough.

4. Look at the paint. Unscrupulous businessmen will simply process waste accessories, such as dismantling, assembling and painting, etc., and then sell them as qualified products, illegally obtaining high profits.

5. Look at the texture of SKF bearings. The materials of original parts are qualified materials according to the design requirements, and most of the counterfeit products are replaced by cheap and inferior materials.

6. Look at the gaps. Regular assembly components must be complete and intact to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some small parts on some assemblies are missing, generally “parallel imports”, which makes installation difficult. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, the entire assembly components are scrapped.

7. See SKF bearing storage. If the auto parts have problems such as dry cracking, oxidation, discoloration, or aging, it may be caused by the poor environment during storage, long storage time, and poor materials themselves.

8. Look at the SKF bearing engagement. If the clutch plate rivets are loosened, the brake hose is degummed, the joints of the electrical parts are de-soldered, the paper filter element joints are disengaged, etc., it cannot be used.

10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!插图2

9. Look at the SKF bearing packaging. The packaging of original accessories is generally standardized, with unified standard specifications, and the printing and writing are clear and formal, while the packaging and printing of counterfeit products are relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging.

10. Look at the SKF bearing process. The appearance of inferior products is sometimes good, but due to the poor manufacturing process, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs, or bumps are prone to occur. The cylinder gasket is squeezed and deformed, which is easy to cause lax sealing and ablation during use, resulting in oil leakage, air leakage, and water leakage.

A few points to distinguish true and false NSK bearings

10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!插图3
1. Look at the packaging

The outer packaging of counterfeit NSK brand bearings is slightly different from the genuine NSK brand bearing outer packaging, including the NSK trademark marked on the right side of the box in red and black fonts, while the genuine NSK trademark is in white and black fonts.

2. Compared with the shaft

The paint film surface of counterfeit NSK brand bearing products is slightly uneven compared with the genuine ones. Due to the lack of anti-corrosion measures and no sealing and lubrication, the sensory quality of the bearings is obviously lower than that of the genuine ones.

In addition, through the identification of the product certificate, bearing model identification and special anti-counterfeiting marks, the true and false can also be identified.

3. Weigh the weight

For the same type of NSK bearings, the material used for counterfeit bearings is significantly less than the genuine ones.

Because most counterfeit bearings cut corners and use ordinary steel instead of high-oxidation special steel, the weight will be lighter than the genuine one.

4. Look at the appearance

For radial ball bearings in normal technical condition, the inner and outer raceways should be free of peeling and serious wear marks, and should be a bright arc groove; all balls should be round, and the surface should be free of spots, cracks, and peeling; The cage is not loose, broken or worn.

10 strokes to identify the authenticity of SKF, and NSK bearings!插图4
5. Listen to the sound

When holding the inner ring with one hand and gently pushing the outer ring to rotate with the other hand, it is required to rotate smoothly, only the slight sound of the ball rolling on the raceway can be heard, and there is no vibration; when it stops, it should gradually slow down, and there will be no backward phenomenon after stopping.

6. Measure the data

For a normal radial ball bearing, the gap between the inner and outer rings and the rolling elements is 0.005-0.010mm.

When the inner and outer rings are shaken in the radial direction, there should be no gap. For the used bearing, you can hold the inner ring by hand and shake it along the shaft a few times.

When the outer ring and the balls make obvious noises, it means that the fitting clearance exceeds 0.03mm and should not be used anymore.

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