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Application Of Permanent Magnet Motor In Sugar Centrifuge

Working principle of sugar centrifuge

The sugar centrifuge is a commonly used industrial equipment used to separate impurities and moisture from molasses and improve the purity of sugar.

The working principle of a centrifuge is to use centrifugal force to separate solid particles or liquids from liquids. In the sugar factory centrifuge, the centrifuge injects the molasses through the feed port and then separates the impurities and moisture in the molasses with the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation.

The main components of the centrifuge include the drum, filter, driving device, and control system. The drum is the core component of the centrifuge. It rotates through the driving device and generates centrifugal force during high-speed rotation. The filter is located inside the drum and is used to filter impurities and moisture in the molasses. The structural design of the drum and filter is usually optimized based on the characteristics of the molasses and the separation requirements.

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The working process of the centrifuge can be divided into three stages: feeding, separation, and slag discharge. First, molasses enters the inside of the drum through the feed port. Then, under the action of high-speed rotation, the impurities and moisture in the molasses are separated onto the filter screen, while the pure molasses flows out of the drum through the pores of the filter screen. Finally, the separated impurities and moisture are discharged from the centrifuge by the slag discharge system.

The power of a centrifuge refers to the energy consumed by the centrifuge during its working process and is also an important parameter of the centrifuge. The amount of power depends on the centrifuge design and operating conditions.

To sum up, a sugar centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate impurities and moisture from molasses. Its working principle is to generate centrifugal force through a high-speed rotating drum to filter out impurities and water, thus improving the purity of sugar. The working principle and power of the centrifuge have an important impact on the production efficiency and product quality of the sugar factory.

AFE frequency conversion system configuration

In centrifuges used for honey separation, due to the relatively large rotational inertia of the centrifuge, regenerative electric energy is generated when decelerating. The AFE variable frequency drive system can be used to feed excess electric energy back to the power grid. The AFE front end is equipped with an LCL filter and a precharge circuit.

Precharge circuit:

Eliminate the impact current to the frequency converter and power grid.

LCL filter:

Optimize the quality of power generated by the entire system and reduce the harmonics of current flowing into the grid.


AFE is the power supply and feedback unit of the system, providing constant DC voltage and feeding back electrical energy.

Centrifuge characteristics and AFE variable frequency drive system technical features

Centrifuge characteristics:

1. The load starting torque requirement of the centrifuge is relatively high and it is difficult to start;

2. The centrifuge has a large moment of inertia and will generate regenerative energy when decelerating;

3. The centrifuge load requires rapid acceleration/deceleration;

4. Sudden load increase during operation;

5. Need to start with load.

AFE variable frequency drive system technical features:

1. AFE adopts controllable rectification technology, which can realize four-quadrant operation and feed renewable energy back to the grid;

2. AFE adopts vector control technology to improve control performance and reduce control harmonics;

3. AFE provides stable DC voltage for the inverter;

4. Standard LCL filter can further eliminate harmonics and avoid polluting the power grid;

5. Unique GVC control technology, low speed and high torque, eliminates the difficulty of starting the centrifuge;

6. Reduce acceleration and deceleration time, enable quick start and stop of the centrifuge, and improve production efficiency;

7. Directional torque compensation can effectively cope with sudden load and on-load start.

The application of the AFE frequency converter drive system in sugar mill centrifuges provides a new direction for the application of sugar mill centrifuges. It replaces the traditional energy-consuming braking drive method and can achieve low-speed and high-torque on-load start. AFE energy feedback rejects energy waste and improves system efficiency.

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