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Are All Permanent Magnet Motors Synchronous?

The permanent magnet motor can be a synchronous motor or a DC motor, but it must not be an asynchronous motor.

Are All Permanent Magnet Motors Synchronous?插图

The previous synchronous motors used traditional electric excitation poles; after the development of permanent magnet materials and mature permanent magnet technology, permanent magnets were generally used instead of electric excitation poles, which simplified the structure, eliminated the slip rings and brushes of the rotor, and realized the brushless structure, reducing the size of the rotor; eliminating the excitation DC power supply, eliminating the excitation loss and heat.

Most of today’s small and medium power synchronous motors have adopted permanent magnet structures.

Permanent magnet DC motors can be divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motors and permanent magnet brushed DC motors according to whether they have brushes or not.

The permanent magnet DC motor is a DC motor that uses permanent magnets to create a magnetic field.

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