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The Difference Between Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor and Ordinary Air Compressor

1. Stable air pressure:

(1) Because the frequency conversion screw air compressor utilizes the step-less speed regulation feature of the frequency converter, it can start smoothly through the controller or the PID regulator inside the frequency converter; it can also quickly adjust and respond to situations where the air consumption fluctuates greatly;

(2) Compared with the upper and lower limit switch control of power frequency operation, the air pressure stability is improved exponentially.

2. Launch without impact:

(1) Since the frequency converter itself contains the function of a soft starter, the maximum starting current is within 1.2 times the rated current. Compared with power frequency starting, which is generally more than 6 times the rated current, the starting impact is very small.

(2) This impact is not only on the power grid but also on the entire mechanical system, which is also greatly reduced.

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3. Variable flow control:

(1) Industrial frequency-driven air compressors can only operate at one exhaust volume, while variable frequency air compressors can operate at a relatively wide range of exhaust volumes. The frequency converter adjusts the motor speed according to the theoretical air consumption to control the exhaust volume.

(2) When the air consumption is low, the air compressor can automatically sleep, which greatly reduces the loss of power.

4. The AC power supply has better voltage compliance:

(1) The frequency converter adopts over-modulation technology, which can still output sufficient torque to drive the motor when the AC power supply voltage is slightly lower; when the voltage is slightly higher, it will not cause the output voltage to the motor to be too high;

(2) Regarding places with self-generated power, variable frequency drive can better demonstrate its advantages;

(3) According to the characteristics of the motor VF (variable frequency air compressors operate below the rated voltage in energy-saving conditions), it has a significant effect on sites with low grid voltage.

5. Low noise:

Most working conditions of the frequency conversion system operate at a lower than the rated speed. The mechanical noise and wear of the host machine are reduced, and the maintenance and service life are extended.

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