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What Effect Does The Number Of Motor Coils Have On The Motor?

We know that when winding the coil for the motor spindle winding, the number of winding turns of the coil must be strictly carried out according to the motor parameters. For the motor, the number of turns of the coil will have a certain impact on the motor, because the winding in the motor is similar to an inductor. If the motor winds a few more turns, its number of turns will increase, and the inductance will increase; if it winds a few fewer turns, the number of turns will decrease, and the inductance will also decrease, which will have a greater or lesser impact on the motor.

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The coils of the motor are part of the motor stator circuit. When the motor is energized, if the number of coils of the motor is less than the actual number, and the power of the motor is relatively large, because the number of turns of high-power motors is inherently small, the cross-sectional area of the coil wire diameter is large, Then the current will increase, causing the motor’s magnetic flux density to increase and become saturated, which will eventually cause the motor to heat up severely and cause the motor to burn out.

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At the same time, looking at the external speed, the number of turns of the coil decreases, and the speed of the motor increases. Since the motor coil is manually wound, the gap between the coil and the iron core increases, which reduces the number of turns of the coil to a certain extent.

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If it doesn’t work if you wind it a few less times, what if the motor winds the wire more times?

Winding the motor a few more turns not only wastes wires, but also increases the resistance and reactance of the motor windings, which will certainly affect the performance of the motor. First, after adding the number of turns, the resistance of the motor winding increases, and the current will decrease. It will reduce the motor power. The second is to increase the winding. After powering on, the motor speed will appear slower, but it can extend the service life of the motor.

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Regarding the power of the motor, small-power motors have more fine turns. Generally, one-phase winding has one or two thousand turns. When winding, a few ten or eight turns are not a big problem and have little impact on the motor.

But it is different for high-power motors. Its windings are thick and few. Increasing or reducing the number of turns of the windings will have a greater impact on the motor. Therefore, when winding the motor, the original wire diameter and original turns should be used according to actual needs. The number of embedded winding coils cannot be less or more, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the original performance.

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